Frequently Asked Questions From Business Owners


Q: Will it cost me anything to use your service?

A: No. Switch My Accountant does not make any charges to business owners for putting you in touch with an accountant. The initial telephone conversation and the first meeting with the accountancy firm are both completely free of charge.

Q: Are all of your accountants qualified?

A: Yes, absolutely! Switch My Accountant only works with firms who hold a professional accountancy qualification. The accountants we represent are mainly Chartered, Chartered Certified or Chartered Management Accountants.

All of our accountants hold the appropriate qualifications and are members of a recognised institute, which has strict regulations regarding the individual accountant’s standard of work and professional conduct. These institutes provide their members with a wealth of information and resources to ensure that they stay up to speed with any changes in current legislation at all times. You can therefore be confident that you will receive expert advice from the accountant we put you in touch with.

If you are looking to run your business in the most efficient, profitable way possible, then we would strongly recommend using the services of an accountant who holds a formal qualification.


Q: How do I know that your accountants really are proactive?

A: The accountants we represent are all willing to offer as standard;
- Fixed, upfront fees for the agreed accountancy work, so you know how much you will be asked to pay before the work is carried out.
- A guaranteed timescale in which your accounts will be completed and if the accountant fails to do so, you will receive an agreed proportion of your money back.
- Expert tax planning and business development advice during your initial free consultation.

Our accountants are very confident in their abilities to deliver an outstanding level of service to the companies they act for - so much so that they are willing to put themselves out there and compete for your business!

Our accountant in your local area would be more than happy to meet with you at your premises on a free, no obligation basis, to show you what their firm can do for your company.

Q: You seem to be suggesting that your accountants could offer something that my own accountant doesn’t?

A: All (qualified) accountants should be able to competently calculate how much tax you are required to pay on your profits, but we at the Switch team have found, through our years of speaking to business owners, that a great many accountancy practices simply stop there, sign off the books and move on to the next client.

Our accountancy firms go the extra mile. They will actively try to identify ways in which you could legally save money on your tax bill and they will make helpful suggestions for ways you could increase your profits.

It is amazing how many accountants fail to take this extra step with their clients, either through complacency or simply through a lack of understanding of their client’s business and what their client is hoping to achieve.

Our accountant will take an active interest in you and your business and this really can make all the difference. The accountant will aim to give you as much business and tax advice as possible at an initial free consultation, to showcase their abilities to you and hopefully, to persuade you that their firm might be the better option for your business.

Q: I’m only interested if your accountant’s fee is cheaper than the fee I pay currently. Can you guarantee this?

A: Truthfully, no, we can’t guarantee this, but, having researched the industry thoroughly, we can tell you with confidence that all of our accountants offer very competitive fees for the standard of work they carry out.

As a business owner, it is likely that you set up your company to do what you love every day, but also to earn a decent living for yourself. It is therefore of course in your interest to make decisions for the financial benefit of your business.

Imagine a scenario where an accountancy firm were to charge you roughly the same fee as you pay now, but their expert advice and service saved you £800 per year in tax. You would still be financially better off with this new accountant, even if their annual fee was no cheaper than your original accountant charges.

The current financial climate has forced many service providers to bring their fees down as low as possible in order to remain competitive and accountants are no different. The way for an accountant to outshine the competition in this day and age is to provide a superior level of service for the fee they charge - this is what all of our accountancy firms are committed to do.

Q: How much money am I likely to save?

A: This really depends on so many factors, including of course the level of advice and help you have been given in the past. You will only find out your individual potential for making savings when you speak to our accountant and it is not in our interest to make any misleading guarantees or outlandish claims of possible savings.

What we can tell you is that, in our years in the industry, we have seen countless consultation meetings identify savings for business owners totalling hundreds of pounds and sometimes the savings can run into thousands of pounds for the lucky few!

Q: Will you be passing my details to lots of different accountancy firms?

A: No. We will be introducing you to one local firm of accountants, who we believe to be a suitable fit for your business. We will of course give you the name of the firm and a little information about them before the accountant gets in touch with you.

Q: Will you be passing my details to any other third parties?

A: No, not at all! Please rest assured that your details will be used only to match you up with an appropriate accountancy firm. We have no interest in “spamming” decent, hardworking people!