Are you ready for a service that will revolutionise the way you gain clients?

  • Prospective clients looking to change accountants get in contact with us; we then pass on their details to you.
  • Local advertising, national presence.
  • A flat monthly cost, regardless of the new fees you generate.
  • Speak with business owners and qualify a meeting, from your desk.
  • You can do this alongside other marketing channels.

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With over 50 years combined experience in marketing accountancy practices throughout the UK we have developed Feebuilder'. This new development will give you the power of national advertising at a fraction of the cost.


The process is simple, we advertise nationally using telecommunications,  newspapers, magazines, by ethical email marketing, business support companies (e.g. Chamber Of Commerce) and cold calling to find business owners who are actively looking for an accountant or have been highlighted to the fact that there is a local accountant who would be happy to have a chat with them on the phone about their accountancy requirements which would ideally result in a meeting and instructions being given.


At Feebuilder' we fully understand the value of your chargeable time, which is why we would actively encourage you to have a good telephone conversation with each prospect and qualify the lead from the comfort of your desk, prior to a meeting. You can then be fully prepared for the meeting with any issues they have highlighted and how you can resolve them. If you decide after your telephone conversation that the prospect doesn’t fit your practice you can leave it there, with no time taken up in inappropriate meetings!


We guarantee to give you at least one prospect lead per month on average for the price of £99 + VAT per month. If we fail to deliver, you will receive free marketing for the following month. No quibble.


Other providers offer a ‘free’ service, then charge you per introduction; with us it’s a flat rate, regardless of the number of leads you receive, all for £99 + VAT!


For this nominal monthly fee you could be speaking to local business owners who are genuinely interested in changing accountants! There are no other charges, regardless of the fee income you generate by using our service! With our knowledge in this field, we know that the average accountancy fee is approximately £1,800 per annum. If you are speaking to two prospects per month, who are genuinely interested in changing accountants, that could generate in excess of £43,000 per annum, and this is just a modest estimate!


Prospects will be drawn to our marketing campaign by filling in a simple contact form on our website, indicating their company name and address, approximate turnover, number of employees, current fee levels and the reason they are interested in speaking to you.


A member of our team will speak to each prospect as part of our qualifying process and we pass all the information over to you, for you to get in contact with them. What could be better?


Switch My Accountant's Directors have each worked exclusively in the accountancy marketing profession for the last decade, predominantly in telemarketing. They have overseen tens of thousands of appointments in this time; this knowledge is priceless.


We are not affiliated with any firms of accountants, but rest assured we only work with qualified practices.


One question you may be itching to ask - what if one of my current clients fills in the form? You know it's time to get in contact with them, find out any issues they may have and rectify the situation before they leave you! As this site is generic they will not know which accountants we intend to pass their details on to. Can you really afford not to join us?!


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